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Pre-Purchase Inspections From Gold Coast’s hardest working pest inspector

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Pest Inspections

If there are signs of termites or other pests on your property, Richard Eedy will find them. He is renowned as the Gold Coast's most determined inspector.

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Termite Treatment

Gold Coast Pest Inspector mainly uses Trelona ® ATBS to create the most effective termite treament system for your property.

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Building & Pest Inspections

Before you purchase property, get the Gold Coast's most experienced inspectors to conduct an inspection.

What you get with us

Independent Termite Inspections

Trust your property to Richard Eedy, the pest inspector who gives fearless and frank testimony to what lies behind your walls and under your floors. If you're buying a home think twice about accepting the advice from a pest inspector selected by your agent. With a decision as important as buying a home, always get independent inspections.

Professional Pest Inspections

Hardly a week goes by where Richard doesn't attend a property that recently passed inspection (by another company) and yet is plagued by evidence of termites. His professional attitude means he does the hard things, is thorough, is careful, and returns to you a report that is comprehensive. Professionalism counts for everything when your property is at stake.

Experienced Pest Inspector

There are signs of termites that stand out to an experienced inspector. They know where to look and what to look for. Experience means a great deal in this industry because the cost of overlooking termite incursion can swiftly add up to tens of thousands. With Richard you're using an inspector with decades of experience and proven track record.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Purchasing a property without thorough inspections can cost 10s of thousands of dollars. Termites alone can cause up to $100,000 in damage. We know because we’ve seen it. Check out our pest inspections or get a building and pest inspection for the best and most comprehensive reporting on your purchase. 

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Richard will find termite activity in almost every property he inspects. He often finds termite activity in homes that were recently inspected by someone else. His experience indicates that termite activity in Gold Coast homes is almost ubiquitous.

Each year, termites cost Australian’s about $4 billion. With an average  cost of about $10,000 and the fact that most home insurance doesn’t cover termite damage, you should consider your home to be at risk of termites. 

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Why You Need A Termite Inspection


cost of termite damage in Australia

Across Australia, an estimated $4 billion damage is caused to homes by termite damage every year. It’s a fact: termites cause more damage to homes in Australia than fire, floods and storms combined. The cost of professional treatment, trades and building materials quickly adds up. And the worst part? Your home or building insurance doesn’t cover it! If you’ve been affected, find out how Gold Coast Pest Inspector can help.


Keep garden termite free

Keep your home protected and your family safe with 12-month pest inspections by our qualified, licenced Gold Coast Pest Inspector. We specialise in pest inspections, pre-purchase inspections and termite treatments, all carried out to a level that exceeds Australian Standards. We work with fully qualified, reputable, local building inspectors to provide expert advice, assess damage and provide treatments for your home.

Why Choose Richard For Your Pest Inspections

No.1 For Termite Inspection Technology

Nothing can compensate for the knowledge and professionalism of a good inspector. Richard’s years of experience and his dedication to finding termites mean he’s often finding termite that other missed. And that’s without requiring any technology. All too often other inspectors fail to do simple things like lifting carpets, checking roof voids or subfloors. Most termite incursions will leave traces of their entry into your home. Richard has an uncanny knack for finding them. Things like mud tubes (the mudding created by termites) are prevalent signs of termites. Where technology can help is for doing non-invasive checks into walls, for instance. Termites create heat and they need moisture to survive. Thermal imaging and moisture meters can help Richard find out what is happening inside a wall cavity where he suspects termite activity. 

thermatrac termite hunting technology

Thermatrac Detection Technology

This device has radar, moisture sensor and a thermal sensor all bundled into one unit. Termatrac’s detection technology is unique to the market, designed and specifically calibrated to detect termites and other insect activity. Our ability to "see" behind walls has never been better.

moisture metre for hunting termites

Moisture Meter

Moisture meters are an extremely valuable piece of technological equipment that helps detect termite infestation. Termites need moisture to survive. You see this in the mud tubes they create. They combine dirt and water to make a habitat for themselves. Excess or unexplained moisture is, therefore, a common sign of termite activity.

No.1 For Experience & Knowledge

With 20 years in the game and experience in building and landscaping beyond that, Richard is one of the most experienced pest inspectors on the Gold Coast. He combines that with constantly updating his knowledge and equipment. 

He’ll always do the hard things and the easy things. What that means is, he’ll lift the carpet edge to inspect underneath. And he’ll crawl through roof spaces and sub-floors. (You’d be amazed how many pesties won’t do these things.) Richard is constantly finding termite activity that other inspectors recently missed. So much so, we wrote an article on it. WHAT DID YOUR TERMITE INSPECTOR MISS?

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