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If there are signs of termites, we’ll find them.

We find present or historical termite presence in almost all homes we inspect, even properties recently inspected and cleared by other inspectors. 

That’s why you should trust the Gold Coast Pest Inspector for accurate and comprehensive reports and effective pest control.

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Buying or selling a home on the Gold Coast? Find out why you need a pre-purchase pest inspection.



Thorough inspections using state of the art technology and Richard's 20 years experience.

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Richard use EXTRERRA Termite Interception and Baiting System for total environmentally friendly protection.

Why Choose Gold Coast Pest Inspector?

When it comes to termites, there’s nowhere to hide from Richard Eedy. He is the Gold Coast Pest Inspector, and is perhaps the hardest working inspector on the Gold Coast. His long experience, his knowledge, and his dedication to his trade, mean you get the most comprehensive inspections available. 

Independant Termite Inspections

Trust your property to Richard Eedy, the pest inspector who gives fearless and frank testimony to what lies behind your walls and under your floors. If you're buying a home think twice about accepting the advice from a pest inspector selected by your agent. With a decision as important as buying a home, always get independent inspections.

Professsional Pest Inspections

Hardly a week goes by where Richard doesn't attend a property that recently passed inspection (by another company) and yet is plagued by termite damage. His professional attitude means he does the hard things, is thorough, is careful, and returns to you a report that is comprehensive. Professionalism counts for everything when your property is at stake.

Experienced Pest Inspector

There are signs of termites that stand out to an experienced inspector. They know where to look and what to look for. Experience means a great deal in this industry because the cost of overlooking termite incursion can swiftly add up to tens of thousands. With Richard you're using an inspector with decades of experience and proven track record.


We find termite activity in almost every property we inspect. We often find termite activity in homes that were recently inspected by someone else. Our experience is that termite activity in Gold Coast homes is almost ubiquitous.

Each year, termites cost Australian’s about $4 billion. With an average  cost of about $10,000 and the fact that most home insurance doesn’t cover termite damage, you should consider your home to be at risk of termites. 

Recent Termite Inspection Images

What's remarkable about these pictures is they were all taken in the space of a few days. And every property had been recently inspected by other inspectors who missed these obvious signs of termites.

The Two Step Termite Control Process


If you’re worried about termites then you should start with a termite inspection. That way you start your termite control with full knowledge of what you’re up against. We’ll examine the structure of your home, the location, environmental factors, find any past or present termite activity, and only then will we recommend a course of action. This way you get the best and most cost effective termite treatment.

Richard will share his vast knowledge with you. giving you tips to help control the risk factors around you home. 

You’ll also get a full written inspection report.


The best form of treatment is the Advanced Termite Barrier System from Trelona. Using this system, we place a series of bait stations around your home. These bait stations are filled with bait that is irresistible to termites. Also deadly. By placing them every 3 metres we give the termites no opportunity to get to your home without first tasting this bait. And once they’ve tasted the bait, they’re not interested in going any further.

Once the termites eat the bait they return to the termite nest, spreading the poison to the other termites, including the queen. This results in colony collapse. Some other termite systems rely on pouring chemicals into the soil around your home. This termite system doesn’t attract termites away from your home, doesn’t result in colony collapse, and doesn’t remove the threat.


Across Australia, an estimated $4 billion damage is caused to homes by termite damage every year. It’s a fact: termites cause more damage to homes in Australia than fire, floods and storms combined. The cost of professional treatment, trades and building materials quickly adds up. And the worst part? Your home or building insurance doesn’t cover it! If you’ve been affected, find out how Gold Coast Pest Inspector can help.


Keep your home protected and your family safe with 12-month pest inspections by our qualified, licenced Gold Coast Pest Inspector. We specialise in pest inspections, pre-purchase inspections and termite treatments, all carried out to a level that exceeds Australian Standards. We work with fully qualified, reputable, local building inspectors to provide expert advice, assess damage and provide treatments for your home.

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Gold Cost Pest Inspector

No.1 For Pest Inspection Technology

thermal imaging used in termite inspections

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging should be a standard part of the arsenal of any termite inspection. 

Moisture Meter used for termite inspections

Moisture Meter

Moisture meters are an extremely valuable piece of technological equipment that helps detect termite infestation.

Gold Coast Building And Pest Inspections

Looking for a combined Gold Coast building and pest inspection from the best team on the Gold Coast? We work with the Gold Coast Building Inspector to deliver the comprehensive reports. For total piece of mind get the best building pest inspection team available.
Richard from Gold Coast Pest Inspector would have to be hands down the most thorough inspector I have worked within the industry. His skills, knowledge and attention to detail is well above industry standards and is reflected continually by clients feedback.

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