Termite Barriers

What is a termite barrier?

There are two types of termite barriers. One is physical and the other is chemical. The Gold Coast Pest Inspector implements chemical termite barriers.

Physical Termite Barriers

Physical termite barriers are materials that have been specifically designed to prevent subterranean termites from gaining access to a structure. Physical termite barriers are free of pesticides and physically block termite foraging activity. These barriers are traditionally put in place when a building is being built. They are designed to force termites to build their mud tubes outside of the structure, where they will then become visible to a trained pest management professional. And for many people the sign of mud tubes is the first sign of termites on your property.

Chemical termite barriers

A chemical termite barrier is a chemically treated zone that surrounds the perimeter of a building or structure. It is sometimes also referred to as a Baiting System. This treated zone lays beneath the ground, positioned strategically in an effort to disrupt the termites natural path. The system we recommend and use at Gold Coast Pest Inspector is Trelona ATBS (Advanced Termite Baiting System). This is a system of strategically placed bait stations that upset the flow of movement for termites and at the same time are also attractive to termites.

The chemicals used to create this barrier prevent the termites from breaching the treated area, and gaining access to your property. Termites that come into direct contact with the treatment are killed off, and also, over time the entire colony is killed off as the termites take the poison back to the nest and therefore kill the nest also.

ATBS termite baits and termidor

Do I need a termite barrier?

Yes you do need a termite barrier, especially if you live in a subtropical climate like the Gold Coast. The warm, moist conditions of the Gold Coast are ideal termite environmental conditions. An ideal environment means that termite colonies can grow quickly, bear in mind a termite queen produces one egg every 3 seconds, or over 10 million eggs per year. The more effective the termite barrier your put in place the safer your property will be.

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