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The best way to control termites is by regular inspections and termite treatments.

If you find evidence of termites on your Gold Coast property do not ignore it. Termites will not go away. Once they have found a food source they will keep eating it. And they’ll go looking for new food sources. Which might include your home.

This is usually an expensive problem for the home owner.

Termite Entry Points

There are a number of access points that termites use to find access to your home. they include:

Getting Rid Of Termites

Understanding the termite and being very thorough about discovering them is important for your termite treatment. Below are a few images we’ve taken (in just the last week or so) during inspections. You’ll see that we find often find signs of termite activity that others have missed. Roll over each image to see a description of what is shown in the image.

Many of the home-owners above had already had termite inspections by other companies, who gave the homes the all-clear. This is why a thorough and professional inspection is a vital first step toward your termite treatment. 

Understanding the scope and nature of the problem is vital to effective termite treatment Gold Coast

super termite cover

The best solution to a termite problem termite treatment from a Gold Coast pest controller who is  independent, experience and professional.

Richard Eedy, Gold Coast Pest Inspector, will inspect your home for evidence of termite activity current and past.

Richard will conduct a thorough inspection of roof voids, sub-floor areas, flooring and walls, as well as outdoor structures such as decks, fences and retaining walls. If there is any evidence of termites there he’s the best man to suggest appropriate control methods. 

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Proactive Termite Treatment Gold Coast

The best termite treatment is a termite barrier

Termites thrive on the Gold Coast. They love the humid weather and the moist sandy soil conditions. Add a timber structure to the mix and you have created the perfect living conditions for a termite colony.

Termite barriers create a solid defense around your home against termite incursion. We use and recommend Trelona ATBS (Active Termite Bait Systems). The quality of its defense is the best we’ve seen. And with long inspection intervals it’s one of the most cost-effective.  


As an accredited Gold Coast Trelona Termite Applicator  we will only use registered products applied with the manufacturer’s labelled specifications to deliver termite treatment to Gold Coast properties. Regular inspections and treatments will keep your home safe from future termite infestations.

trelona atbs termite treatmentsystem certification

The benfits of Trelona as termite treatment

  • Termidor kills termites through contact and ingestion
  • Termidor can control whole termite populations faster than any other treatment
  •  Because they can’t detect Termidor, termites are not aware of ingesting the product when they eat.

We find termites in about 60% of bait stations we inspect. (See the video.) What happens is, the Trelonda ATBS attracts termites and then kills them. As certified and licensed ATBS agents, we’re adept in placing the bait stations so that termites will always be going there (and dying) rather than going to your home. 

Why Choose Us For Your Termite Treatment:

Proven Track Record

We have a track record of identifying termite and other pest activity in the home after other pest inspectors have missed.

Latest Technology

We use the latest in termite inspection technology, including thermal imaging and moisture meters.

Experience and knowledge

Knowing where to look and what to look for is key to find and eradicating termites.

Best Baiting System

Trelona ATBS has performed better than other systems and requires fewer inspections.

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