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The best way to control termites is by regular inspections and termite treatment. There are also simple ways to protect your home against termites. In this article we discuss ways for you to be your own first layer of termite treatment. We also show you the professional termite treatment that works the best.

Effective Termite Treatment

The best termite treatment is an Advanced Termite Barrier System (ATBS)

Termites thrive on the Gold Coast. They love the humid weather and the moist sandy soil conditions. Add a timber structure to the mix and you have created the perfect living conditions for a termite colony.

Termite bait systems create a solid defence around your home against termite incursion. We use and recommend Trelona ATBS (Active Termite Bait Systems). The quality of its defence is the best we’ve seen. And with long inspection intervals it’s one of the most cost-effective.

As an accredited Gold Coast Trelona Termite Applicator  we will only use registered products applied with the manufacturer’s labelled specifications to deliver termite treatment to Gold Coast properties. Regular inspections and treatments will keep your home safe from future termite infestations.

trelona atbs termite treatmentsystem certification

The Benefits Of Trelona ATBS As A Termite Treatment

1. An inert and safe substance

Some termite treatments rely on drilling holes around your home and filling them with poison. This is not an inert substance. The poisons that (might) kill termites are in the ground around your home, with no protection against where they may go. We’re solidly against the notion of poisoning your environment for the sake of eliminating termites. There are much better ways to treat them. 

Trelona ATBS uses an inert bait and poison that stays in the canister until a termite eats it. If the canister was dug up, it would be safe from dogs and children (though we don’t recommend they handle it of course). 

2. It attracts termites

The system works because the bait inside is irresistible to termites. The image to the left (or above if you’re on a mobile) shows an exhausted trap. Termites have eaten every bit of the bait. That also means that they have eaten all of the poison that is specifically targeted to kill termites. 

When the baits are placed around your home, they attract the termites before they enter your home. We mentioned above that some systems use a river of poison around your home. The problem there is, if a termite finds a gap, your home is vulnerable. With bait systems, termites are attracted to the bait. If they’re passing by the bait to enter your home they’ll always want to check this bait first. 

3. It forms a boundary around your home

By positioning the baits at set intervals around your home, we form a barrier around your home. Any termite that wanders toward your home will always pass close enough to a bait station to be irresistibly drawn toward it. 

Once in the bait station they will eat and die. 

4. It kills the colony

Termites stop and eat at the bait station and then go home and let their mates know about the delicious meal they’ve had. (They secrete a hormone to show the route to other termites.) The other termites will then go to the bait station to help themselves to this delicious food source.

They also take traces of the bait with them when they return to the colony. That is the purpose of worker termites after all. They’re foraging to feed the colony. This bait that they take the colony will feed and eventually lead to colony collapse. 

Poison systems that pour poison into your ground will not lead to colony collapse, which means you are forever vulnerable. If your poison disperses or termites find a hole through it, they will invade your home. 

5. It allows us to conduct inspections

The traps on this property all came up clear except one. It was on the side where the neighbour’s had an infestation. Those termites probably lived underground for years prior to these traps being set. Our initial inspection showed termite activity, with subsequent inspections showing none. Problem solved.

This episode shows the advantages of being able to check traps. You can a pretty clear picture of what is going on in a property and how well you are addressing problems by reading the traps. 

Do Bait Stations Work?

We find termites in about 60% of bait stations we inspect. (See the video.) What happens is, the Trelonda ATBS attracts termites and then kills them. As certified and licensed ATBS agents, we’re adept in placing the bait stations so that termites will always be going there (and dying) rather than going to your home. 

We follow up all bait installations with regular inspections. Based on those, we know that the bait definitely works. We’ve performed many bait station audits and pest inspections and we know that this system is effective. 

Why Choose Us For Your Termite Treatment:

Proven Track Record

We have a track record of identifying termite and other pest activity in the home after other pest inspectors have missed.

Latest Technology

We use the latest in termite inspection technology, including Termtrac and moisture meters.

Experience and knowledge

Knowing where to look and what to look for is key to find and eradicating termites.

Best Baiting System

Trelona ATBS has performed better than other systems and requires fewer inspections.

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Termites Thrive On The Gold Coast

Gold Gold Termite Treatment
(Credit: CSIRO)
Termite Treatment Gold Coast

Read also: Termite Barriers

You may also want to check out our post on Termite Barriers. As we explain in the article, the term “termite barrier” is a bit of a misnomer. But we do outline termite measures in greater detail in that article. 

Trelona canister eaten
A Trelona baiting system canister. These are placed throughout your property to attract and kill termites.

A termite inspection is the first step toward termite treatment

There is a science behind good termite treatment. We started this article telling you about the many installations of treatments we see that do not fit compliance. This happens when pest controllers fail to properly audit the property prior to implementation. 

Let’s have a  look at some of the reasons you want to have an inspection prior to treatment.

A Termite Inspection Makes You Aware Of Current Risks

Even if you have a current system in place, you should still get an audit of your current risk. As we’ve stated a few times already, pest controllers can’t always be relied on to properly install their termite systems. They also miss obvious signs of termites.

We’ll not only tell you what risk you have, what evidence of termites are present, but also how to mitigate those risks. Our job is to keep your property safe from termites, and that includes educating you and how to reduce your risk.

A Termite Inspection Will Enable Us To Maximise The Efficacy Of The Termite Treatment

There are many factors to take into account when considering a termite treatment. Obviously, you need to you that know what termites are present to treat them. But less obvious is how to treat the termites that aren’t present. When installing termite barrier systems such as Trelona ATBS, we’ll take into account the many risk factors, including environmental and the construction of your home. 

Tips For The Homeowner

If you find evidence of termites on your Gold Coast property do not ignore it. Termites will not go away. Once they have found a food source they will keep eating it. And they’ll go looking for new food sources. Which might include your home.

This is usually an expensive problem for the home owner.

Richard Eedy, the Gold Coast Pest Inspector, finds evidence of termites in almost every home he inspects. So even if you don’t see termite activity in your home, it is probably still there.

(Read Evidence Of Termites Others Missed to see how even professional inspectors miss signs that Richard finds. Termites are very good at hiding and you can’t assume that just because you haven’t seen them they aren’t there. That’s why we want to stress that getting an inspection is essential for you to address problems with termites in your Gold Coast home. )

1. Address Your Termite Entry Points

There are a number of access points that termites use to find access to your home. they include:

You can help protect your home by making sure these entry points are not easy places for termites to exist. For instance, see our article 7 Spring Cleaning Ideas To Help Keep Your Home Termite Free. In that article we discuss what you should know about cleaning up around your home to prevent providing good homes for termites.

Beware that damp conditions are ideal for our little foes. Damp has its own hazards, apart from what it does for these guys. Read Damp: Why Termites Love It And You Should Not for more information.

Also, be aware that brick homes are not immune to their crafty ways. We recommend reading Can Termites Infest A Brick Home? Spoiler alert, the answer is yes.

Preventing termites from entering your home is key to our termite treatment process. As we’ll see later, we lay a series of bait stations to attract and kill them. But we also check all of the entry points during our inspection and recommend ways for your to reduce your risk. By following good practices you can help be your own first level of termite treatment. 

2. Get A Termite Inspection

Understanding the termite and being very thorough about discovering them is important for your termite treatment. Below are a few images we’ve taken (in just the last week or so) during inspections. You’ll see that we find often find signs of termite activity that others have missed. In many or perhaps most of these homes, the owner was not aware that they had a problem. This is why an inspection is always the first part of our process. We need to have a full audit of the current situation so we can address it fully.

Sometimes, the homeowner needs 10s of thousands of dollars in repairs to remediate a problem. The average cost to homes in Australia for damage is $10,000. We discuss this in our article Termite Damage Repair Costs. This is another reason to get an inspection regularly.

As a side note, as part of our termite treatment, Richard inspects the bait stations regularly. They’re the canary in the mine shaft for termite detection. The bait stations contain irresistible baits which make these little critters head straight for them. The first signs of activity are detected in the bait stations therefore.

Roll over each image to see a description of what is shown in the image.

Many of the home-owners above had already had termite inspections by other companies, who gave the homes the all-clear. This is why a thorough and professional inspection is a vital first step toward your termite treatment. 

Richard constantly finds termites where others found none. Sometimes he reveals extensive damage that should have been found and addressed before it became an expensive nightmare. If you have any doubts about finding a good inspector, call Richard. We’re quite sure he’s the best on the Gold Coast, because he’s proven himself time and again. 

Understanding the scope and nature of the problem is vital to effective termite treatment Gold Coast

super termite cover
As Seen On TV! 😀

The best solution to a termite problem termite treatment from a Gold Coast pest controller who is  independent, experience and professional.

Richard Eedy, Gold Coast Pest Inspector, will inspect your home for evidence of termite activity current and past.

Richard will conduct a thorough inspection of roof voids, sub-floor areas, flooring and walls, as well as outdoor structures such as decks, fences and retaining walls. If there is any evidence of termites there he’s the best man to suggest appropriate control methods. He’s so thorough he even found the ancient super termite on the Gold Coast and was featured on 7 News.

3. Get A Termite Effective Control

You need an effective and proven system to control termites. It’s a small investment to protect your home. Click the button below to skip to our termite control section. 

Termite Treatment
Richard installing the Terlona ATBS canisters.
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