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Hi, I’m Richard.

Let me tell you my story. Years ago, I lodged a pest report with a real estate agent. They came back to the pest inspector company I worked for with this complaint …

The bloke you've got working for you gave us a pest inspection report...

that states the house we've listed is riddled with termites. The vendor is not happy and we're not happy because we want to sell this house immediately!!!!"

Did I act dishonestly and change the report to satisfy my boss and real estate agent?


The buyer thanked me endlessly for saving him and his family from buying a home that would cost them thousands of dollars in structural repair.

Later that day, the vendor contacted me and asked me to go back to his house to discuss how I could eradicate the termites. In the end, everyone was happy. Even the real estate agent. The house structure was repaired, an environmentally safe termite barrier was installed and the house sold quickly.

Soon after this incident, I decided to quit my secure job. Crazy move perhaps but at that stage, I had 15 years of professional experience as a pest inspector and was highly experienced at detecting, controlling and eradicating pests from homes and investment properties. And basically, I was fed up with the dishonesty, intended or otherwise, of real estate agents. So I set up ….

Gold Coast Pest Inspector
Gold Coast Pest Inspector for comprehensive termite inspections

Gold Coast Pest Inspector

​My mission is to detect pests and protect Australian families.


Richard Eedy
Gold Coast Pest Inspector
15 June, 2018

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