We are constantly surprised when we do a pest inspection and find a whole range of issues that other pest inspectors have missed, ignored or disregarded.

Any evidence of termites is a problem!

Any evidence of mouse or rat droppings tells you there are mice and rats around.Where there is one cockroach there is a very good chance there are others.But most concerning for homeowners is evidence of termites. Where there are mud tubes, droppings, or any evidence of termites at all, alarm bells should be ringing.  Termite damage can be incredibly expensive. Which is why we have termite inspections! So it is therefore really frustrating to find evidence of termites that other inspectors have missed.

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Here are a few examples of what other pest inspectors missed. We consider noticing this type of termite activity as the very basics of pest inspections and really should never have been missed. Such obvious pest activity can potentially cost the client a lot of money in repairs.

Dirt spots? Or termites?

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The three images above show what was visible (image one) and what lay behind it (two and three). In our business it pays to notice everything and investigate everything. Just two months prior to Richard’s visit, another pest inspector has seen there dots and thought they were just dirt. Richard investigated them properly and found the mess of termite activity you can see in both the following two images. 

another pesty had treated this house a month ago today another pesty had treated this house a month ago today
Active Termites
Inside the home

This property was inspected by another termite inspector exactly one month prior to inspection by Richard Eedy. Not only were there signs of termites, there were actual termites. There is absolutely no way these guys turned up and ate this in the last month. This is a shocking oversight by this previous inspector.

NB: the image is side-on, to make it fit better on the page.

termite mudding in the roof 2
Mud Lines
In Roof Space
In this image you see a line of mudding running along the timber joist. Termites make these mud tunnels to give themselves a safe way to move about. This is exactly the sort of signs of termites inspector should be looking for.
Termite evidence missed by another inspector in roof void
Large Termite
Mudding Mound
The previous image showed a line of mudding that ran along the timber. It's kind of hard to see (which is why you get professional inspections done, and therefore the inspector should have seen it). This image shows a big mound of mudding sitting out where even an amateur inspection would likely find it.
termite trap overrun by termites and no bait
Exhausted Termite
Bait Station
Another pest inspector had recently attended this property. How he or she failed to note this exhausted termite bait station is beyond me. These termite bait stations are meant to provide a very attractive destination for termite. And poison. They're meant to provide termite
Missed termite damage in the roof void
More Termite Activity
Missed By Other Inspector
This one was pretty easy to see given a proper and thorough inspection. You can see the signs of termites in this picture. Look closely and you can also see some superficial damage to the timbers. This is, of course, why you don't want termites in your home. They will eat your home.
Termite mudding in a subfloor missed by another company 1 month ago
Termite Mudding
In Sub Floor
It's our job as pest inspectors to be careful and thorough. As part of my inspection on this property I checked the sub-floor and found evidence of termite activity. The termite mudding shown in this image indicates termite activity in this home.
termite inspection in roof
Richard doing an termite inspection
Nowhere for termites to hide
One of the reasons Richard finds the termites others miss is because he's always prepared to do the hard things, like crawling through roof cavities and floor voids.

What to look for in a pest inspector

Most of us do research when we are going to spend money on goods or services. Researching for a professional pest inspector is no different.  When researching your building and pest inspection consider the following requirements:

Gold Coast Pest Inspector

Check Your Pest Inspector's Knowledge

We’re always searching for the best way to protect Gold Coast homes. Your pest inspector should be able to demonstrate their knowledge. Recent and ongoing study is important in our industry. 

They Should Have A Pest Inspection Licence

Being licensed shouldn’t be an issue for any half decent pest inspector. Of course, we do see pest inspectors that aren’t licensed. We also see pest inspectors operating in northern NSW who are licensed for Queensland but not NSW.  Check your inspectors licence. It’s a very simple way to weed out the bad ones. 

Fully Insured

Check the licensing of your pest inspector. They should be able to prove to you that they are fully insured for all work they are completing for you. 

Pest Inspection Experience

Before you commission your pest inspection, find out how long your pest inspector has been operating. Do they have decades of experience? Have they always been a pest inspector or is this a recent thing for them? Does he get featured on TV for his termite expertise? (Okay, that one’s a bit unfair. Only Richard is featured on TV.)


One way to find a good pest inspector is to ask your friends. We get a lot of our work through word of mouth. Another way is to check their Google reviews. 

Pest Inspection Technology

You don’t want your pest inspector to over-rely on technology. But you definitely want them to have it. And to know how to use it. 

Moisture Meter used for termite inspections

Moisture Meter

Termites love moisture. Witness the mudding shown in the images above. We use moisture meters to detect areas where there is a greater moisture density that should be expected. Where were find moisture, we investigate for signs of termites.

thermal imaging used in termite inspections

Thermal Imaging

In the same way that moisture indicates termite activity, so too can heat. Thermal imaging devices allow us to peer inside walls to see heat signatures. Knowing how to read and investigate these is an essential part of the pest inspector's armoury.

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When you engage Gold Coast Pest Inspector you have chosen an inspector with decades of experience and a strong desire to conduct thorough pest and termite inspections.

Richard is licenced and insured in both NSW and QLD, and has developed a reputation of being knowledgeable and conscientious in regards to his pest control work and particularly termites.

He keeps up to date with Australian pest control industry standards particularly when it applies to Gold Coast properties. Richard uses the latest termite detecting technology and will deliver a comprehensive termite report to his customers in a timely manner for a reasonable price.

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