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They may be tiny but they’re a big problem. And what they lack in size they make up for in numbers. Termite inspections are the best way to ensure your property is free of termites.

Termites can completely destroy the framework and roofing timbers your home within three months. In many cases, property owners, just like you, aren’t even aware they’ve got a termite problem until it’s too late. Don’t let this happen to you. Call Gold Coast Pest Inspector to arrange an inspection today.

The Hardest Working Termite Inspector On The Gold Coast

When you choose Richard Eedy as your pest inspector, you hire a man who leaves termites nowhere to hide. Every week he finds evidence of termites others have missed. And that’s because he hunts them, he’s relentless, he’s thorough. Richard will crawl through roof-spaces, under floors, peer in nooks and crannies…go anywhere to be the best termite inspector on the Gold Coast.

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Mate, you are a termite.

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If You're Buying A Property, You Need Think Carefully About Who Does Your Inspections

We urge you to get independent inspections on any property you’re considering purchasing. A week doesn’t go by when we don’t find signs of termites on a property that was already inspected for termites. We quite often find damage that results in bills totalling many $10,000s (sometimes only weeks or months after the owners have bought the property).

Before you commit to an inspection, ask yourself these questions…

Did your agent recommend your inspector?

Your real estate agent is no doubt a good and helpful person. But with big dollars in commissions riding on a sale, they don't want a negative inspection report. We're not saying they would or should find an inspector who is less than thorough. But we will say we constantly see inspectors, recommended by agents, who fail to find obvious signs of termites; who fail to take appropriate termite treatment for effective termite control. Sometimes tens of thousands of dollars in termite damage are later found also. We highly recommend engaging an inspector who can prove their bona fides.

Is your inspector highly rated?

Any good pest inspector will have people who love their services. For instance, if you look for us on Facebook you'll see that people constantly recommend us. We also have a solid 5-star average in Google Reviews.

Do they have years of experience?

With decades of experience behind him, Richard has learned how and where to find termites, like no-one else you'll ever meet. He's been featured on Gold Coast 7 News for his findings regarding the Darwin Termite in found Tallai. He's inspected more homes and completed more termite treatments for effective termite control than I've had hot dinners.

That is the best money I've ever spent.

Reasons Why You Should Contact The Gold Coast Pest Inspector

Independent Pest Inspections

Trust your property to Richard Eedy, the pest inspector who gives fearless and frank testimony to what lies behind your walls and under your floors. If you're buying a home think twice about accepting the advice of an inspector selected by your agent. With a decision as important as buying a home, always get independent inspections.

Professsional Pest Inspections

Hardly a week goes by when Richard doesn't attend a property that recently passed inspection (by another company) and yet is plagued with damage caused by termites. His professional attitude means he does the hard things, is thorough, is careful, and returns to you a report that is comprehensive. Professionalism counts for everything when your property is at stake.

Experienced Pest Inspector

There are signs of termites that stand out to an experienced inspector. They know where to look and what to look for. Experience means a great deal in this industry because the cost of overlooking termite incursion can swiftly add up to tens of thousands. With Richard you're using an inspector with decades of experience and proven track record.

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Get peace of mind with the Gold Coast’s hardest working pest inspector. Get Gold Coast Pest Inspector.

Check Out Some Of Richard's Videos

Richard does a semi-regular recap of what he found during the week. Below are two videos showing some of the things he found. What’s interesting about many of the videos he posts is how often they contain termites that other inspectors have missed. What is also quite shocking is how often he finds termites. For more videos, check out his YouTube channel,  Instagram or Facebook. 

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And here are some images he’s collected from recent pest inspections:

Regular Pest Inspections Are Your Best Defense Against Termites

Below are some images from recent termite inspections. Richard constantly finds evidence of termites. Very frequently (like…every week), these properties were recently inspected and passed by other inspectors. We collect these images so that you can see how homes have suffered from termites on the coast.

We’re always happy to talk to our clients about how they can avoid damage like this. We’ll show you the things you have overlooked, like timber in the garden or dampness against the home. We’ll recommend appropriate termite treatment. But it all starts with a termite inspection. 


Termites love the warm climate and lush soil of the Gold Coast. Brick homes are just as susceptible because termites live in the ground and enter homes through small cracks or expansion joints looking for that irresistible combination of timber and moisture. They will often damage other materials they can’t digest (eg plastic, rubber, metal or mortar) in their search for food – damage we can detect during our inspections.


Our pre-purchase termite inspection includes a thorough investigation of all roof voids and subfloor areas including decks, inside and outside of the building, fences, outbuildings, retaining walls, exposed timbers, trees, stumps and garden beds. We use current Australian Standard AS4349.3 equipment (moisture meter and sound tapping device), thermal imaging (large termite infestations produce a lot of heat) and borescopes as needed.


Investing in a home is one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll make. The average costs of  termite damage are $10,000, with many going much higher. Before you commit, take the time to get a pre-purchase termite inspection done by a qualified expert. Ideally, do it as soon as possible so you can make better-informed decisions about the property you’re buying and the price you will pay. Still not sure if you need a pre purchase termite inspection? Call us for an obligation free quote.


Thermal imaging and moisture meters are tools we use to detect termites in our inspections – but they’re not the holy grail. Experience and knowledge are our most powerful weapons. And if we do find termites, we can discuss effective and safe termite treatment options with you. We recommend Trelona ATBS (Advanced Termite Baiting System) for total protection.


Thermal imaging should be a standard part of the arsenal of any termite inspection. Termite areas show a heat signature that is detectable with a good thermal imaging device. Termites create heat by mudding, which brings in moisture. They also create carbon dioxide as they digest, which creates heat. The heat signature of the termite is therefore a very important way that termites give themselves away. A properly trained and experienced operator using thermal imagine can spot termites inside wall cavities. 

thermal imaging used in termite inspections
Moisture Meter used for termite inspections

Thermal imaging is not the only tool Richard will use when he inspects your home for termites.  Richard also uses moisture meters—an extremely valuable piece of technological equipment that helps detect termite infestation.  Moisture Meters detect leaks and dampness in walls, and floors and ceilings, helping to locate problems before they turn into something bigger. Like any living being, termites need water. They need it to live and to help break down the timber in your home, making it soft and edible. Termite areas, therefore, attract moisture and our advanced moisture meters help us detect those termites. 

termite inspection infographic


Your Independent Experience Professional Inspector:
Richard Eedy

Gold Coast Pest Inspector for comprehensive termite inspectionsRichard Eedy has decades of experience doing termite inspections. He’s very knowledgeable in the use of termite inspection technology. His knowledge of pests also helps him know where the pests are located, how they behave and how to find them. He’ll find the termites that others might miss. When you want the security of having an authoritative and thorough inspection you want to call Richard.

Below are some examples of the termite damage found during recent inspections. In some cases the damage was completely hidden from sight. It is through Richard’s experience and his use of termite inspection technology that he is able to uncover these termite infestations.

Richard is constantly finding signs of termites that others have missed. When you want the best and most thorough inspection, give Richard a call. Below are some pictures of termite activity that had been missed in recent inspections. For more details click through to the article using the link above. 

Richard from Gold Coast Pest Inspector would have to be hands down the most thorough inspector I have worked within the industry. His skills, knowledge and attention to detail is well above industry standards and is reflected continually by clients feedback.
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