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There are many forms of termite treatments available here on the Gold Coast. And to be honest, we see many implementations of termite control that are less than ideal. In fact, we constantly see treatments that fall below compliance in ways that impact on their effectiveness. What you need to keep in mind about termite treatments, therefore, is the competence and thoroughness of the people who install them as well as the control measures themselves.

But before we get to that, let’s look at why you need a termite treatment on the Gold Coast:

Termites Thrive On The Gold Coast

Gold Gold Termite Treatment
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Termite Treatment Gold Coast

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You may also want to check out our post on Termite Barriers. As we explain in the article, the term “termite barrier” is a bit of a misnomer. But we do outline termite measures in greater detail in that article. 

Trelona canister eaten
A Trelona baiting system canister. These are placed throughout your property to attract and kill termites.

A termite inspection is the first step toward termite treatment

There is a science behind good termite treatment. We started this article telling you about the many installations of treatments we see that do not fit compliance. This happens when pest controllers fail to properly audit the property prior to implementation. 

Let’s have a  look at some of the reasons you want to have an inspection prior to treatment.

A Termite Inspection Makes You Aware Of Current Risks

Even if you have a current system in place, you should still get an audit of your current risk. As we’ve stated a few times already, pest controllers can’t always be relied on to properly install their termite systems. They also miss obvious signs of termites.

We’ll not only tell you what risk you have, what evidence of termites are present, but also how to mitigate those risks. Our job is to keep your property safe from termites, and that includes educating you and how to reduce your risk.

A Termite Inspection Will Enable Us To Maximise The Efficacy Of The Termite Treatment

There are many factors to take into account when considering a termite treatment. Obviously, you need to you that know what termites are present to treat them. But less obvious is how to treat the termites that aren’t present. When installing termite barrier systems such as Trelona ATBS, we’ll take into account the many risk factors, including environmental and the construction of your home. 

Trelona Advanced Termite Baiting System

As a homeowner you can do much to minimise damage from a termite colony. Keep debris away from the house, repair all leaking taps and pipes and keep garden beds clear of the house, but the only way to get rid of termites is through a termite treatment from a qualified and licensed pest inspector.Richard undergoes regular training to ensure you receive the very best, and safest in terms of termite treatment, and prevention. He is well equipped with the very latest in pest removal and control equipment, including thermal imaging and moisture detection systems and is a licenced user of Trelona ATBS Advanced Bait System.
trelona atbs termite treatmentsystem certification
Keeping up to date with new technology is vital in providing a professional termite treatment service
Termite Treatment
Richard installing the Terlona ATBS canisters.

Leading the way in termite treatment

Trelona ATBS system is unique in termite treatment.

The Trelona system combines the latest research in termite behaviour with an advanced termite bait system to provide a bait station designed for interception and feeding.

This system can be used as a monitoring system and is the only system designed to be used with the Termidor range of products. When it comes to termite treatment on the Gold Coast Termidor is the most reliable and effective as termites can’t detect it so they continue to forage in the soil around your home. Because termites can’t detect Termidor, they are not aware of ingesting the product when they eat. They go about their routine activities and will still be killed by contact with Termidor even when they are not feeding. Termites are social insects (keep in mind a termite colony may have up to two million termites) that live together in large colonies and feed and groom each other. So termites that have come into contact with Termidor soon pass it on to others. Even those secondarily affected termites can also pass Termidor on through feeding or contact.

By not having regular termite inspections you are at a far greater risk of having to deal with some very expensive damage down the track. 

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