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Need A Property Inspection?

When you’re buying property, you want to get the best advice you can get. That’s why you should choose Richard and Mark for your building and pest inspections

Both experts  in their field, you get a team of experience inspectors to guide your purchasing decisions.  

Pest Inspections

Many companies offer you combined building and pest and inspections. We recommend you get separate inspections from experts in each area. Both areas require significant experience and expertise and it is unlikely that a single person will adequately understand both. With our building and pest inspections you get highly expert reports from a dedicated pest inspector and a building inspector. For more information see our pest inspections page.

Building Inspections

With over twenty years experience as a building inspector, Gold Coast Building Inspector understands building inspections in a way few others do. They provide a detailed analysis of the condition of your property in an easy to read format.

All our building inspections are in accordance with the Australian Inspection Standard (Australia AS 4349.1-2007) and completed by experienced registered builder.

Combined Inspections

When you choose to get your building and pest inspections with the Gold Coast Pest Inspector, you get a team of dedicated professionals who deliver the most comprehensive and authoritative reports on the Gold Coast. You can work directly with Richard, who will organize all inspections and reports for you. Take a moment to check the reviews given to us and our colleagues and understand that you’ll be getting one of the best inspections teams available anywhere.

two inspectors for peace of mind

Buying a new property is the largest investment decision most of us will make. It pays to make the right decision and the only way to do that is to be properly and completely informed.

That’s why building and pest inspections by leading industry experts are so important.

Only a thorough and authoritative building and pest inspection will ensure that the purchase you’re about to make is the correct decision. 

Why Choose Us For Your Building And Pest Inspections

There's Too Much At Stake

Every week we see properties that cost clients $10,000 to $100,000 in repairs because they had an inspector who missed obvious issues. Much of this damage isn't covered by insurance, so the homeowner copped a tonne of unexpected expenses. With this much at stake, you should choose inspectors with proven track records.

We Won't Miss A Thing

It never ceases to amaze us how often we attend a properly recently inspected by another inspector, where we find important issues they've overlooked. You want to trust the team who find the problems that others miss.

Comprehensive Reports

With us, you get comprehensive written and verbal reports. Benefit from our decades of experience with the most authoritative reports available.

We Do The Hard Things. We Do The Easy Things.

Did you know that some building and pest inspectors don't think it is necessary to lift carpets? The background image here shows what can hide behind carpets. (In case you can't see it clearly, it's termites. Lots of them.) Lifting carpets is an easy step that no-one should overlook. Crawling through roof voids and subfloors are the hard things. We do all the hard things and all the easy things to make sure you get a comprehensive inspection.

Two Inspectors Are Better Than One

Mark And Richard, Two Experts

Building inspections and pest inspections require two experts, one in each field. Don't be fooled by an inspector who says he can do both. Nothing rivals decades of experience and specialization.

Mark the building inspector

Mark Woods

Mark Woods is the Gold Coast Building Inspector. He's a builder and building inspector who has decades of experience both building and inspecting homes. As a current builder, he's completely up to date on the latest requirements for homes. As a builder who does a lot of renos, he's seeing the problems that can eventuate when issues aren't addressed early.

Termite inspections, we go where others won't.

Richard Eedy

Richard is the Gold Coast Pest Inspector. He's been featured on Seven Gold Coast as the expert pest inspector who found the Mastotermes darwiniensis termite here on the Gold Coast. As you can see from this image, taken by Mark, he'll go where other inspectors fear to tread in order to deliver you the most thorough pest report.

There's A Reason Why They Work Together

Mark and Richard share a similar dedication to their craft. They both value their independence and are dedicated to protecting home buyers' investments by giving them the best and most thorough inspections available. By working together like cogs in a well oiled machine they have helped thousands Gold Coast property investors make the right decisions.

Contact us for information about our services.

Are you ready for the peace of mind you'll get with a comprehensive expert building and pest report? Then press the inquiry button.

termite pest control gif

Gold Coast Pest Inspector

It’s always going to be hard to beat Richard’s experience and dedication. Noted for recently finding and identifying a Darwin super termite on the Gold Coast, Richard frequently finds termite and pest traces that others have missed. 

He bring with him the right technology for an advanced pest inspection. And the expertise on using it correctly. You can read more about Richard’s pest inspection on our Pest Inspection page. 

building and pest inspections by Mark

Gold Coast Building Inspector

Get a full building report from a licensed builder. The Gold Coast Building Inspector  will assess your property in detail, making you an informed investor by learning about the condition and status of the property before you buy. 

Repairs, property maintenance and costing advise are some of our services Gold Coast Building Inspector Building Inspectors provide.

Images From Recent Building And Pest Inspections

We’re constantly doing inspections where we find evidence of infestation that others have missed. This rogues gallery below is made up of images from those inspections. Everything you see below was missed during a recent prior inspection by another company.

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