What Does A Termite Nest Look Like: And How To Identify Signs Of Termite Activity In Your Home

What does a termite nest look like? Termite nests come in different shapes and sizes. Some are easy to identify because they exist in the trees around your home. Others are subterranean, and hence they’re going to be harder to find. The Australian Museum outlines five main types of termite nests:

  • Ground mounds
  • Tree nests (outside the tree, connected to an internal cavity)
  • Pole nests (on human structures, such as fence posts and telephone poles)
  • Subterranean nests (underground, in soil, stumps and tree bases)
  • Tree wood nests (inside the tree)

The most common termite nest here in South East Queensland are those of the Subterranean termite. As the name would suggest they build their nest underground, in the soil where the moist warm conditions are ideal to their survival. These are also the trickiest to identify.

So what does a termite nest look like? Here are some examples of the type of termite nest you might see on the Gold Coast.

What does a termite nest look like
Pole nests are often found in the central coast of NSW on fence posts and telephone poles.
What does a termite nest look like?
These termite nests are more common in the Northern Territory
What does a termite nest look like?
Tree termite nests are found on the outside of a usually hollow tree.

You can’t spot a nest around your property but here on the Gold Coast there is a very high chance there are termites active nearby. It is a good idea to have a little bit of an idea of what you might see around your property and why. .

Why look for termite activity?

Because it is expensive if you don’t! Termites cause billions in damage every year. With most termite nests hidden underground and termite going about their business inside the walls of the home, by the time the termites have been discovered it is often too late for the homeowner. It can be a very expensive fix and very few, if any, insurance companies cover termite damage. Some other signs you may come across that are a good indication of a termite infestation are: 

Time to call a pest inspector

Even if you cannot see any of this evidence of termites there is still a good chance there are some around your Gold Coast property and by the time the damage is noticed, significant structural damage may already be done. It is best to get in first with regular termite inspections from a qualified pest inspector. Give us a call today to arrange a comprehensive termite inspection. 

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