Can Termites Infest A Brick Home?

This is an interesting question. On the surface, you have a home made of brick, impermeable to termites. But what if we look closer, can termites infest this fortress?

This is a question that pops up a lot, can termite infest my brick home? We know that they can’t eat brick, so therefore a brick home is safe right?

Spolier alert, brick homes aren't safe from termites

In case you were hoping to be assured that your home was completely safe, the answer is no. You’re not. Termites can and do infest brick homes. 

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But wait, it's not that simple. Let's look at two brick homes.

There are circumstances that make brick homes safer in some ways and vulnerable in others. 

Let’s look at this image below as an example: 

termites and bricks

The brickwork and concrete stumps go from floor to ceiling. That ceiling is also an open ceiling, meaning termites would be visible there. In this home we see that they have two things working in their favour. They have all that brick and concrete that termites can’t eat, and they have few places for the termites to hide. That gives them a considerable advantage they wouldn’t have if this was all timber.

Notice the lime rising out the concrete at the bottom. They do have a problem with damp on the outside. Behind that wall, there are brick pavers that termites could tunnel under to gain access to the home. One part of the downstairs areas is clad. This introduces a vulnerabilty, leaving a way for termites to come in under the pavers and reside in the walls without anyone knowing. 

Termite lead in subfloor sm

In this second home we’re looking at, you can see the line of termite mudding running up the brickwork. You can see that this enclosed space is quite damp. This makes for perfect conditions for termites.

This mud tube they’ve made allows them to enter and exit the home above without exposing themselves. And despite being made of brick, this home has plenty of timber for hungry termites. The framework, windows sill, skirting boards, etc, are all made of timber.

You can clearly see below, this brick home was not safe from termites.

termite damage to studs - Copy 3

A Tail Of Two Brick Homes, Safer/Not Safe From Termites

What these two examples show you is that a brick home can offer some advantages in the fight against termites.

In some circumstances.

But a brick home is in no way safe from termites.

The best way to ensure you home is safe from termites is with a termite inspection.

Lots Of Brick Homes With Termites

We’ll leave you with a gallery of brick homes that had their problems with termites. They’re a very good reminder homes aren’t safe just because they’re made of bricks.

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