What we found last week: termite damage and other problems

Pest and building inspections are vital. 

In just one week we discovered; evidence of borers in a roof void, mold in an air conditioning system,  termite damage in the roof of one house and termite damage under the carpet in another. There was also water damage on the floor and the ceiling of another couple of houses.  This is not an uncommon list of finds for us and it is a good reminder of the importance of a building and pest inspection.

What's the difference between a termite and a wood borer?




Termites are everywhere! They prefer moist conditions and hate light which is one of the reasons you won’t see them. It is common for a termite colony to gut a piece of wood leaving no evidence on the outside. It is only when you put your finger though you have discovered you have a serious termite problem. 

Once piece of evidence of a termite colony is mudding or mud lines. These are  essentially  mud tubes that termites use to connect their colonies underground to their above ground food sources – your house. The tubes are made from soil and wood combined with termite saliva.  Head over to our termite inspections pages to see some examples of termite mud tubes we have come across. 

Timber borers are actually beetles and there are a number of different types, but all act in a similar manner. However some are more damaging than others. 

The beetles lay their eggs in timber, the larvae will hatch and feed on the timber, they will eventually emerge as adults, making holes on the surface of the timber. This means that most of the surface holes on timber are the result of beetles boring out, not it. This also means the damage is already done. The borers have already weakend the structure of the timber. 

The most damaging borer in QLD is the Anobium borer or furniture borer. Which as their name suggests, they bore through furniture. You might notice spongey wood, tiny pin holes and/or loose gritty dust.

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