Termites In Subfloor

The subfloor is one of those spaces that are hard to get into and are unpleasant to be in, unless you’re a termite. For a termite, they’re lovely places to be in.

We’ve inspected homes many times in the past where the subfloor was not inspected by the previous company. There’s a reason for this. The subfloor is often a difficult space to get into and a horrible place to be. It can be damp, confined, have spiders, and be littered with stuff you don’t want to step on.

The thing is, for many of these same reasons, termites love subfloors. Let’s have a look at that then. 

Why Do Termites Like Subfloor Areas

The subfloor area has many of the things that termite like and some of the very things they can’t exist without.

Termites Love Damp

Termites are living creatures and so they need water, just like we do. They also use it for construction of mud tubes, channels they use to gain access to your home. Moisture will also soften timbers and make them easier to consume. Termites and damp are best friends. And your subfloor is often a damp space.

Termites Love Dirt

Termites can live and travel through dirt. You can have a colony of termites in your garden right now and you might not know it. Termites can travel into your subfloor through the dirt. This dirt is then used to create mud tubes. By using these tubes they can travel up into your home from the subfloor. The subfloor is a perfectly hidden place to access your home.

Termites Love Refuse

The subfloor in the header image shows a damp subfloor. You can also see the refuse left behind. Some of it will make food for termites. Things like old bits of timber, leaves and paper often find their way into the subfloor space. These all make for great meals for your termites.

How To Protect Your Subfloor From Termites

When you think about hwo to combat termites, it’s useful to think about the things we’ve shown you above. Think about, what do termites love? They love living in the dark and damp with no-one ever coming around to hassle them. So with that in mind, check these simple steps.

It’s going to be nearly impossible for many of us to keep our subfloor in such perfect condition that it won’t be a haven to termites. Subfloors are by default a dirty and dank space. That’s why our last point is so important. Get a yearly termite inspection to make sure you’re subfloor isn’t being targeted by termites.

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