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If you live on the Gold Coast you should be concerned about termites. We have all seen the damage these things can do. If not to our own homes, then probably our neighbors or someone we know.

To control these termites, you must acknowledge the importance of an advanced termite baiting system. These systems control termites by attracting them to the baiting stations and then destroying them with a poison.

For Termite Control, Gold Coast should choose the advanced termite baiting system called Trelona ATBS (Advanced Termite Baiting System).

We’re certified installers of the Trelona ATBS system.

Having used this system, and others like it, we’re pleased to recommend it as our main weapon against termites.

In the video above you see termites in a Trelona bait station we checked on recently. The termites are busy eating (and therefore dying). They'll take that poison back to the nest and therefore kill the nest also. That's how a termite barrier system works. By placing these bait stations at regular intervals around your property we protect your home from hungry termites.

We find termite activity in about 60% of bait stations we check. That’s a good sign. It means they’re busy eating poisons and dying, rather than busy eating your home. It’s also a sign of how prevalant termites are on the Gold Coast.  In the second half of the video we show some images from properties we’ve inspected recently that weren’t protected by an effective termite control solution. 

What You Don't Know About Termites (Can Hurt You)

The problem with termites is what you don’t know might hurt you. We regularly attend termite inspections on the Gold Coast where we uncover significant damage. This is damage the homeowner was unaware of.

Like this below.

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Why You Need A Termite Baiting System. And Why You Need ATBS.

As you’ve seen, termites can cause significant damage. Damage to wooden structures in particularly are very alarming for your home. As discussed previously, the costs of termite damage in Australia are significant.  Invisible termites can destroy roofing timbers and wall struts, which is always very concerning.

Now, obviously the question is, why do we need ATBS?

Can’t the other termite bait system would serve the same purpose?

The answer is yes and no. Other termite bait system requires vigilant servicing and monitoring. Whereas this advanced termite baiting  system, Trelona ATBS,  ensures at least year-round protection between services.

By doubling the service and maintenance intervals this system provides better protection and lower ongoing costs.

About Maintenance. And Termites.

termite trap overrun by termites and no bait
An exhausted termite trap.

This termite trap is not one we installed. We found this during an inspection. 

The termites are loving it. There is no bait left in the trap so it’s now providing a lovely environment for them to live and prosper. 

Being close to the home, this exhausted bait station provides termites a great location from which to launch attacks against the house. 

This highlights the importance of maintaining your termite baiting stations. 

Another point we’ll make is, you want to make sure that your baiting solution can kill all termites. As we reported recently, super termites were found on the Gold Coast. They might be an isolated incident, but it does highlight the need to ensure full eradication across the spectrum of termites found on the Gold Coast.

Why We Recommend Trelona ATBS For Termite Pest Control

There are several factors behind choosing this advanced termite bait system.

First of all, this is the most advanced termite bait technology

Another unique advantage of this system is  it can be used along with Termidor Residual Termiticide and Termidor HE High Efficiency Termiticide. These are someof the most popular and renowned names in termite control in Australia since 2002 .

ATBS termite baits and termidor

So this trusted technology is now aggregated together with the most advanced termite bait technology. This fortifies Gold Coast homes’ termite control in the most effective manner.

Besides these points,  Trelona ATBS possesses an advanced bait matrix technology, which ensures the bait is irresistible to termites.

And finally, this system can be utilized as either a monitoring or active system, which ensures the protection the whole year. This system is also facilitated with a powerful and discrete bait station, which is designed so uniformly which ensures station interception and feeding.

trelona atbs termite bait station
trelona atbs termite bait station

About Your Installation Of Trelona ATBS

Before the installation process of Trelona ATBS, we will conduct an inspection in order to determine what kind of termite management is needed for your home, what would be the remedial steps, and therefore, the most appropriate installation and management plan for your home.

After the inspection period, we will install the ATBS systems by at  3- metre spacings. At that stage we will also identify the desired inspection period, which may vary a range from one up to six-monthly interval, which certainly depends on factors like the level of activity, site risks, and the type of system installed (monitoring or active systems).

Post Installation Of Your Trelona Termite Control System

The Trelona ATBS has been designed to survive the tough Aussie conditions.

The robust inground bait stations (shown above) have been developed to accelerate interception and encourage feeding.

As a monitoring system, ATBS ensures minimal disturbance during inspection and bait replacement. As an ‘Active on Application’ system, Trelona ATBS holds more bait than any other comparable system. 

The image below shows Trelona ATBS compared with is rivals. As you can see, the chance of your ending up with an exhausted bait station (like the one we posted earlier in this article) are significantly reduced when compared with its rivals.

trelona against other termite baiting systems
trelona atbs termite treatmentsystem certification

Choosing Your Pest Control Solution

We’ve outlined many reasons why we think that Trelona ATBS is the best termite control solution for Gold Coast homes.

When it comes to choosing your Gold Coast pest control provider please consider which system is being used.

Consider also the experience and reputation of the pest control service. Make sure that any pest controller that attends is properly licensed and certified. 

If you have any questions about the system, or about pest control in general, please feel free to contact us. 

termite pest control gif

Choosing Your Termite Pest Contoller

Richard is highly respected in his field and highly recommended by his clients. Below you’ll see the many genuine client reviews he’s had on Google and Facebook. 

Gold Coast Pest Inspector is Richard. When you book a job with us you are booking Richard. All clients get the benefit of his experience and dilligence. Be assured that when you book with us you are in fact booking Richard.

Feel free to call for a chat about your termite pest concerns. You’ll hear straight away that Richard is very a very knowledgble and straight talking guy. He deals only in solutions that work and has invested in technology and training to make sure he’s best at what he does.

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