A termite walks into a bar

You know it is going to be bad when anything “walks into a bar”. But this is good. Wait for it! 

Is the bar tender here.Image of a bar with the wording Is the bar tender here.

It turns out that there are lots of termite memes and bad termite jokes. Here are some for the kids!

Why are termites good at maths? They know their way around logs.

What do termites use to fix their homes? Wood glue!

Why are termites bad at hide and seek? They always leave a trail.

Why did the termite get in trouble at school? Because he was caught chewing his desk. 

We could go on. But we won’t. Instead we will share some visuals with you! 


Who knew there are termite pick up lines…Termite pick up lines

And if you Google “termite pick up lines” you will find some are not as clean as this!

Dogs blaming termites is a common theme. 

But wait there are more termite memes!

Termites might be tiny insects, but they have a big presence in the world of humour! Here are some more termite jokes

If you have any termite memes or jokes we would love to hear them and share them. 

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