Richard Takes Us Through A Visual Termite Inspection

Richard was asked to do a visual termite inspection on a home that had significant termite activity and damage. He recorded it so we can see the process and outcomes. Spoiler alert, there is a lot of repairs required in this home. 


Richard Eedy:

Okay, been asked to carry out a standard visual termite inspection. Let’s head in to the front door.

We’re into the left which is the lounge room. Termite bait bag on the window sill. Obviously opened up quite a bit of termite workings. Up the window frame, up the other side. New studs in the walls. Termite evidence at the top. Termite tracking in across the top plate.

Round to the other side. Look around out of the lounge room. Back into the old kitchen. New framing, new pane. Termite evidence up the top, right across the top plate.

New framework, new beam. New framework. In the [loy]. Downstairs. Bedroom to the left. More termite damage, nothing active. More termite damage. Framework. Bottom plates chewed out, nothing active. Devastation for the home owner.

Termite mudding down at behind the old cabinetry up and through into the roof. Back out to bedroom two, down the hallway, into the on-suite. Open walls again. Round to the window. As you can see, it’s been completely eaten out. Termite evidence in the cornice above the shower.

Back around into the back bedroom. We still have active termites up in the left hand corner above the shower, bedroom area. Not sure what our mate is doing at the front of the house with his box?

Back around, bedroom three, no evidence. Bedroom four, seems to be okay. Bedroom five, new skirtings right around the floor.

Back around, back upstairs, laundry okay. Toilet area, okay. Evidence in the window sill of the bathroom. Top plate of the roof been replaced.

Back around internal hallway. Internal living room. Termites have been all over the walls, up the top plates. Bedroom five, termite damage to window sills, timber skirtings.

Up into the garage, heavy stored goods. Termite evidence in the roof boards.

Back to the front door. Ouch.

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