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No-one likes to see cockroaches in their home or business. Apart from being unsightly, cockroaches also bring with the significant health risks. Here on the Gold Coast we have an ideal climate for cockroaches. That’s why Gold Coast pest control for cockroaches is so important. 

Health Risks Of Cockroaches

Cockroaches like to eat what we eat. Problem is, they can carry bacteria that is harmful to us. When they eat our food that bacteria can transfer to us. Cockroaches can carry a cocktail of bacteria and parasites. When they eat, they both defecate and regurgitate. If  a cockroach is eating your food then it is posing a significant health threat. They can even spread salmonella.

Lifecycle Of Cockroaches

cockroach life cycle infographic
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At Gold Coast Pest Inspector we always reckon that knowing your pest is the start to controlling your pest. The cockroach lifecycle is interesting because it reveals several factors about our pest. The first is, cockroaches needs food not only for living but for breeding. The cockroach will lay eggs near to a food supply. Removing that food supply is the first step toward controlling your pest.

Cockroaches lay eggs in a capsule known as the oothecae. You might see these dried up capsules after the eggs have hatched. The presence of these capsules indicates you have cockroaches. 

The nymph will go through many sheddings before its metamorphosis into an adult cockroach. When it metamorphoses it will grow wings. People don’t often see cockroaches fly. When they do their response is often a disgusted, “They can fly?” 

Once an adult, the cockroach will live for about one year. 

When you have cockroaches, 80-90% of them will never be seen. For example breeding females and nymphs. This is why it is important to understand you pest, how they breed, where they breed and where they will remain hidden. Our baiting and pest control is designed to control all cockroaches, visible and hidden.

Pest Facts
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Pest Control For Cockroaches

this cockroach needs pest control

Because of the health risks cockroaches present, it is important to control cockroaches in  our homes and commercial premises. If you are in the food service industry on the Gold Coast, you should be aware that we have near perfect cockroach breeding weather. Your duty of care to your patrons means you need  thorough and experienced pest control agent for cockroaches. We have attended to premises that have engaged other pest control agents and have at times found significant cockroach activity. We can control this within a short period of time.

From Recent Cockroach Pest Control

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