A termite barrier is a physical termite system or chemical application to prevent concealed entry by termites. The installation of a termite barrier will protect one of your biggest investments, your home. 

Termite protection

Gold Coast Pest Inspector, Richard Eedy uses Trelona ATBS (Advanced Termite Baiting System), the best protection against the most destructive pest. With this system a series of stations are set up around your home. Using irresistible baits they bring the termites to these stations. Here they are baited with Termidor Residule Termicitide or Termidor HE High Efficiency Termiticide, some of the most efficient termite control products in Australia. 

This system creates is effectively a termite interception zone, a termite barrier around your home, attracting and killing termites as they enter your property. 

The Trelona system is easy for your pest inspector to maintain and monitor as each station allows bait to be added without disrupting the (now diminishing) termite colony.

Termite barrier installation is regulated by licensing

The installation  of a termite barrier must be completed by a contactor with a Termite Management – Chemical licence and Termite Management – Physical License (if a new build). A contractor must have one of these licences to provide advice or reports in relation to termite management systems or infestations. A QBCC licence is also required to install termite management systems in new building work. Before you do have any termite inspection done make sure your contractor is licensed. Richard is licenced and will comply with all regulations as stated by the Queensland Government.
Gold Coast Pest Inspector is part of QBCC

What Makes This Kind Of Termite Barrier So Effective

The Trelona ATBS system is the only termite barrier solution that will destroy the colony.

This colony may be located next door, or in bushland nearby. It’s not unusual for the colony to be located nearby and commute to your house for lunch. If you don’t destroy the colony then your home is always under threat. By attracting termites to the feeding station, and then allowing them to take the  bait back with them, we can kill the queen and destroy the colony.  

Watch how the Trelona bating system in action.

Why Our Termite Barrier System Is More Effective Than Others

This little video shows some of the bait stations we inspect that form part of the Trelona ATBS.

You might have seen the termite barrier systems that rely on drilling holes around your home and filling them with chemicals. That is the standard barrier system alternative to the one we use.

First up, it doesn’t take a genius to realise that filling the soil around your home with chemicals isn’t a great idea for your family’s health. 

Also, what happens if a termite sneaks through the system? Other  termite barrier systems rely on digging trenched around the home that can lead to damage to landscaped areas.

These systems often use no attractants and they do not destroy the colony. If a termite sneaks pas the system then they’re now safe within the confines of your home. Which is filled with loads of yummy termite food.

termites cause a lot of damage to Australian homes

We offer you the highest level of termite protection on paper as well as in the ground.The Termidor Assurance Warranty is unique. It covers your home for structural damage up to $2 million. It also guarantees that your home has been treated by an accredited Termidor applicator using genuine Termidor – not one of the many inferior copies.

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Regular termite and pest inspections.

A regular inspection will identify the entry points of termites, whether they originate from a nest below the ground or a nest in nearby wood and wood products.

There are other termite barrier systems that are effective,  however, ideally they will be combined with a chemical termite barrier like Trelona for the most efficient and long term results.


Pre-Purchase Inspections

building and pest inspection is usually a prerequisite when purchasing a home. Gold Coast Pest Inspector is licenced to carry out the timber pest inspection and will deliver a comprehensive report and make any recommendations regarding ongoing pest management requirements including termite barriers.

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