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As a pest inspector, Richard Eedy has personally seen investments go wrong when termite damage was found post-purchase. We’ll have a look at some of the things he’s seen and how you can avoid some of the pitfalls others suffered when they didn’t get the right pre-purchase termite inspection. 

No Inspection? What Can Go Wrong?


Don’t do this. Never buy a home without an inspection prior to purchase. There is so much that can go wrong.

Termites can be incredibly invasive and damaging. Even when you can’t see them. Richard has done many inspections in which he’s uncovered ten’s of thousands of dollars worth of damage. For instance, check out this bathroom. It looked okay until the inspection was done. What you see below is the damage that was uncovered after the room was stripped.
The average cost of termite damage in Australia is $10,000. And it’s usually not covered by insurance.

You Have Been Supplied With A Report From Another Inspection Done Recently. Should You Trust it?

You’ve saved a couple hundred dollars on a report. That’s a win, right? But you’re spending several hundred thousand dollars on your house. Or maybe a million or more. Wouldn’t the investment in an independent and thorough report be worth it?

Shouldn’t you know who did the report? 

Shouldn’t you know under what circumstances it was done?

Shouldn’t you see the process and ask questions of your inspector?  

A Cautionary Tail

Richard works with building inspector Mark Woods. Together they had performed man inspections for a local property investor. When  looking at a property recently, he wasn’t going to get an inspection done because he had been supplied with one. That report indicated there were no issues at all. The buyer changed his mind though and got Mark and Richard to do their usual pre-purchase inspections. What they found were issues on scale that prevented the sale from going through under any terms. The buyer described the inspections as the best money he’d ever spent. 

The problem with accepting someone else’ inspection report is you don’t know under what terms it was done or the epxertise of the person who did it. In the case we detailed above, it’s obvious that the inspector who did the report supplied, was not competant or thorough. You should have total trust in the pre-purchase termite report that you base your purchase on. You should accompany your inspector, see what they do and ask them questions. It’s a small cost that can lead to a large gain.

Your Real Estate Agent Recommended A Termite Inspector

There’s a better than average chance that your real estate agent has been super helpful and has gained your trust. That’s a good thing. But you still shouldn’t trust them to recommend your inspector to you. At this point, with the entire sale riding on the outcome of this report, it’s too much to ask that they should recommend the most thorough pest inspector on the Gold Coast. 

Can you guarantee your agent won’t recommend someone who would give a soft report?

Richard’s experience suggests inpsectors recommended by agents tend to skew their reports toward under-reporting issues.

In fact, it was Richard’s experience with real estate agents that lead him to form his own pest inspection service, Gold Coast Pest Inspector.  An agent made the following complaint against Richard. 

The bloke you've got working for you gave us a pest inspection report...

that states the house we've listed is riddled with termites. The vendor is not happy and we're not happy because we want to sell this house immediately!!!!"

Richard did not want to be beholden to an inspection process that was tied to real estate agents. The company he worked for, and many others, got the bulk of their business recommended to them from a few real estate companies. It was perhaps not overtly stated at time but there was an understanding that the inspectors wouldn’t ruin a good sale with a bad report. 

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Not only does Richard Eedy have decades of experience, he’s also probably the most dedicated termite inspector you’ll ever meet. He’ll crawl through tight and dirty spaces, investigate every clue, and turn over everything that might hide a termite.

He constantly spots termite activity that was not detected by other inspectors. We even wrote an article about it:

What Did Your Termite Inspector Miss?

When you want the inspector who finds the things that others missed, choose Richard. 

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