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Insects and rodents can be a problem in and around the home but these few simple pest control tips can minimise the risk of damage and illness caused by these pests.

The Basis Of All Pest Control Tips:

Don’t give pests opportunities.

Be mindful of how you produce and dispose of waste. Flies and cockroaches thrive in our rubbish. But they can be effectively managed by ensuring that food waste is stored in insect-proof containers, recycled, or properly disposed of.

Don’t leave buckets of water around the backyard, as this invites mosquitoes to breed.

Don’t open your door to pests. Seal cracks and crevices in the outside of your house, and ensure there are screens on your doors and windows.

Bear in mind that some “pests” are actually useful in keeping other pest numbers down. For example, spiders and wasps prey on pests in the garden.

5 EASY tips to reduce pests in your home

Pest Control Tip 1: Block entry to your home

Your first line of defense is to make it difficult for pests to even find an entry to your home.

Check all your screens for holes, and repair if you find any.

Check around your doors and windows for gaps, and replace window stripping where needed.

Pest Control Tip 2: Keep your kitchen clean

A pile of crumbs on your counter or floor is like a treasure chest to ants and cockroaches. Let them find treasure elsewhere, preferably outside the home – by making sure you offer source of food for them in your kitchen.

Wipe your counters, sweep your floors, put food away immediately, and take out the trash regularly.

Pest Control Tip 3: Get rid of standing and stagnant water

Getting rid of standing water is the first step in controlling mosquitoes. Standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

It’s easy to miss standing water sometimes, so regularly walk your property to check for it. Look in rain spouts, check for leaks near your air conditioning unit, empty the water that gathers in saucers under plants, watering cans and self watering pots. All provide excellent mosquito breeding conditions.  

Pest Control Tip 4:Maintain your garden

Keep your garden maintained to avoid overgrowth that is perfect for pests and their nests. Trim bushes and trees that are near the house, rake up debris that collects along the side of your house and fence,  and weed to get rid of any unwanted growth. If you have firewood keep it away from the house to avoid a termite breeding ground.

Pest Control Tip 5: Eat your fruit and veg

Don’t let fruit and vegetables get overly ripe on your bench top. If you do, the fruit flies will invite themselves in. Getting rid of fruit flies an be tricky. This is largely because they have incredibly fast life cycles and a single female fruit fly can lay up to 100 eggs a days, which hatch in less than 24 hours!
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