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You shouldn’t have to choose between protecting your family and protecting your property. With intelligent natural termite control, you don’t have to. For natural termite control Gold Coast can turn to Richard Eedy, the Gold Coast Pest Inspector.

Update: We’ve just added the video above. It explains the Exterra termite baiting system so much better than words can. It’s just five minutes and explains very clearly the termite control system we use.

Termite Control Starts By Knowing Your Pest

If you don’t know too much about the behaviour of your pests then you can’t go too far wrong by hitting them over the head with a tonne of chemicals. Except that you’re poisoning the environment in which you are most intimately connected with. Your home.

This is the problem with our industry, players in the industry who don’t really understand the fundamentals of their craft and make up for it by exposing us all to chemicals. It’s a shame that people accept this because there are much smarter ways to take care of your pests. And it all starts by using the pest’s behaviour to capture and kill it. 

Introducing Exterra, The Natural Termite Control Method

Gold Coast Pest Inspector uses ExterraEXTERRA is a safe, environmentally friendly way to eliminate termites. By using the termites’ natural instincts against them, Exterra can get rid of the termites and their termite colony.At Gold Coast Pest Inspector, we guard your home using the natural power of CO2, monitoring for future invasions without the ongoing need to reapply chemicals. By using EXTERRA, you are establishing a long term, termite solution that’s easy on both you and the environment.
EXTERRA and Australian Wildlife Conservancy

Exterra are supportes of the Australian Wildlife Conservancy. When you protect your home with Exterra you are supporting their work in protecting Australia’s endangered animals. So far they have donated over $500,000.

Okay, Let's Talk About How We Control Termites

Step One: Baiting Your Termites

If you understand the movements, motivations and behaviours of your termites, you can bait them effectively. By placing termite baiting stations where they’re most effective, we can ensure that our baiting techniques are most effective.

When using Exterra’s Requiem baiting compound, a baiting system that is irresistible to termites,  you get a system of baiting that surpassed anything else on offer.

Step Two: Killing Your Termites

Other companies use treatments that rely on the over-use of chemicals. Ineffective chemical boundaries are common, loading your house and garden with chemicals in the hope that they create an impermeable boundary to termites. Often improperly applied, these treatments are problematic to health of your home and its environment.

As part of Exterra’s baiting system, they include a compound that is less toxic than salt. This substance, Exterra Requiem Termite Bait, is then taken back to the nest where it kills the termite colony.

The Termite Intercept Zone

termite barrier

What we have described above is the Termite Intercept Zone. While the alternatives to our Termite Intercept Zone are chemical boundaries, they have yet to prove they work by killing the colony. No published papers have established a connection between surrounding your home with these chemicals and actually making your property safe by removing the termites.

In comparison, are zone creates a barrier for termites, effectively luring and killing them, and their colony, without the use of harmful chemicals. 

Used By Over 100,000 homes Australia wide

The good news is that Exterra’s termite interception and baiting systems are used by over 100,000 homes Australia wide. That’s a tremendous investment by Australian families in keeping their homes and their environment safe. 

When you want to protect your home and your family with natural termite controls, please call Richard Eedy to make an appointment.  The red button below will take you to our contact page.

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