We work in both the commercial and residential markets. For many of our commercial clients, compliance is a driving issue when they choose us. For instance, a commercial kitchen doesn’t want to risk its license by having bugs and rodents running around. We take our pest control responsibilities very seriously. When we came across another Gold Coast company, dealing specifically in environmental compliance, who also take their responsibilities just as seriously, we thought we’d mention them.

JJ Industries For Bunding, Spill Kits and Silt Curtains

You might not be aware of what bunding is unless you work in mining or industrial sectors. You see them everywhere though. For instance, when you pull into a petrol station, you’re driving across bunding. It’s the raised edge that prevents spills from leaking out into the environment. Bunding is a major specialty of JJ Industries. They provide bunding solutions for customers Australia-wide, with drive over bunding and rubber floor bunding. Have a look below at some of their project work. 

Spill kits are another product that is so ubiquitous you may have almost failed to notice them. Again, every service station in Australia will have at least one. They’re commonly a wheely bin full of absorbent products ready to roll out in the event of a spill. You can buy spill kits off the shelf but if you go to an environmental compliance company like JJ Industries you’ll get a spill kit built for your need. If you’re using the spill kit this will work out cheaper in the long run. You’ll have the products you need and wont be paying for those you dont.

The guys at JJ Industries have a bunch of products you probably see commonly but have rarely paused to think about. It’s an interesting business and it’s great to see a Gold Coast company so heavily invested in growing their base in environmental consulting. Products like silt curtains are protecting Gold Coast waterways wherever there is development happening. It’s part of the reason we get to enjoy our waterways without having them sullied by the needs of our growing city. Here at Gold Coast Pest Inspector we take the environment very seriously. For instance, we use Exterra products to control termites. They use a clever system that emits CO2 to attract termites and then a compound less harmful than table salt to destroy them. We wouldn’t work with anything else, both for our health and safety and for the environment we live and work in. JJ Industries seem to have a similar focus in their work and we’re very happy to see it.

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