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The impact of cockroaches and rodents on your commercial property can be enormous. By committing to regular  pest inspections and pest control solutions you will keep your staff and customers happy. 

If you run a successful business you understand the need for commercial pest control to keep your business thriving.

Due to the subtropical climate of the Gold Coast, pests are inevitable year round, and in warmer months pests like termites, ants and cockroaches are even more active. They are constantly on the move looking for food. Residential and commercial properties are all at risk of a pest infestation. And a major pest infestation could mean your commercial business has to close up until it is resolved and/or repaired.

Impact of pests on your business

No-one  wants to see a rat running across a restaurant floor or cockroach poo in the bathroom of a café. People reviews can make or break your business. 

Rats and mice will eat through your food supplies. Even if your premises are spotless, once a rodent makes it’s way into the food storage area you are guaranteed to see more.

Gold Coast City Council has some very clear guidelines around pests and pest control in restaurants and cafes. By not complying with Council Health and Safety protocols you can be fined and your business closed until you comply.


Termites, rats and mice eat everything and can cause a large amount of structural damage. Rodents will also eat through electrical wires, potentially causing a fires. 

Rat in restaurant

We provide pest control services for all commercial clients

Pests will enter any type of building and business. We provide pest control solutions to: 



Pests in a commercial kitchen are the last thing you want to see, as both a customer and a owners. We will implement a pest control system that keeps your kitchen and restaurant/café free of rodents, cockroaches and other pests.
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Factories and industrial facilities across the Gold Coast and Brisbane are no strangers to pests. With goods constantly coming and going pest can easily get in.
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Storage Facilities

Storage facilities are another place that pests can quickly set up home in. Don't let your business lose business with a mouse or cockroach infestation.
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Every commercial property is different and Richard will personalise a pest treatment to suit your needs. As a fully licenced pest inspector and qualified in the usage of a number of pest control products you can be guaranteed that your property will be well looked after by Richard. The Gold Coast Pest Inspector uses pest control products that won’t hurt your products or staff but will eliminate unwanted pests.

We deliver will: 

  • Pest management strategies to keep your business running pest free. 
  • Service documentation and safety instructions for all commercial pest control jobs.
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