Termite memes

Noah standing in water saying maybe I shouldn't have bought the termites

Termites might be tiny insects, but they have a big presence in the world of humor! Let’s explore the lighter side of these wood-loving critters with a collection of termite jokes that will leave you chuckling.

Gold Coast Termite Treatment

Termite Treatment

Termite TreatmentGold Coast To keep your property free of termites you want the best termite treatment installed by the best pest inspector.  Skip To The Termite Treatment Bit There are many forms of termite treatments available here on the Gold Coast. Some are better than others. And their installation isn’t always up to scratch. We […]

Termite Barriers

termites cause a lot of damage to Australian homes

Termite Barriers The term “termite barrier” is a bit misleading in some ways. Firstly, it often isn’t a physical barrier.  And to be honest, we discourage the use of  the term “termite barrier” because it doesn’t properly explain what we do. But it is a common term and so we’ll use it here. With that […]

Termite Treatment Gold Coast

Termite treatment Gold Coast

Termite Treatment Gold Coast The best way to control termites is by regular inspections and termite treatment. There are also simple ways to protect your home against termites. In this article we discuss ways for you to be your own first layer of termite treatment. We also show you the professional termite treatment that works […]

What we found last week: termite damage and other problems

Termite damage

What we found last week: termite damage and other problems Pest and building inspections are vital.  In just one week we discovered; evidence of borers in a roof void, mold in an air conditioning system,  termite damage in the roof of one house and termite damage under the carpet in another. There was also water […]

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