What Does A Termite Look Like?

darwin termite vs normal termite

What Does A Termite Look Like? We sometimes call them white ants because they look a lot like ants. They’re not related though. They’re more closely related to cockroaches. Question is, what do termites look like? If you’re like most homeowners on the Gold Coast, then chances are you have probably noticed some type of […]

Can Termites East Hardwood?

hardwood eaten by termites reduced

Can Termites Eat Hardwood? It’s often accepted that termites do not eat hardwood. Termites can eat pretty much anything that is organic. But it’s not necessarily that straightforward.  Termites prefer NOT to eat hardwood If termites are given their druthers, they’ll avoid hardwood. It’s not uncommon to see hardwood and some nice soft pine together, […]

Why Are Termites Called White Ants?

white ant or termite

Why Do We Call Termite White Ants? Are they ants and are they white? Let’s delve into this question.  Termites Are More Like Cockroaches Than Ants The first thing you need to know is that termites are not ants. They’re more closely related to cockroaches than they are ants. This is a bit weird when […]

Damp: Why Termites Love It And You Should Not

Termites and water don't mix (1)

Damp: Why Termites Love It And You Should Not Termites and damp go together. In fact, a moisture meter is one of the stock-in-trade tools for termite inspectors. But there are more reasons to avoid damp than just termites.  Moisture content in walls is a warning sign for a termite inspector. They use moisture meters […]

Pre Purchase Termite Inspections

termites have nowhere to hide

Pre PurchaseTermite Inspections ARE YOU BUYING A PROPERTY ON THE GOLD COAST? TERMITES ARE A CONSTANT THREAT TO YOUR INVESTMENT. YOU’LL NEED A QUALITY PRE-PURCHASE TERMITE INSPECTIONS As a pest inspector, Richard Eedy has personally seen investments go wrong when termite damage was found post-purchase. We’ll have a look at some of the things he’s […]

How do I get rid of termites in my wall?

bathroom detroyed by termites

How do I get rid of termites in my wall? This is another common question about termites. What we want to do  in this article is highlight the inherent misunderstanding in this question and address what you should actually do. What you need to understand is that termites rarely live in your home. They’ll have […]

Termites In Subfloor

Termites in formwork left in subfloor

Termites In Subfloor The subfloor is one of those spaces that are hard to get into and are unpleasant to be in, unless you’re a termite. For a termite, they’re lovely places to be in. We’ve inspected homes many times in the past where the subfloor was not inspected by the previous company. There’s a […]

Can Termites Infest A Brick Home?

termite damage to studs in a brick home

Can Termites Infest A Brick Home? This is an interesting question. On the surface, you have a home made of brick, impermeable to termites. But what if we look closer, can termites infest this fortress? This is a question that pops up a lot, can termite infest my brick home? We know that they can’t […]

Richard Takes Us Through A Visual Termite Inspection

more termite damage

Richard Takes Us Through A Visual Termite Inspection Richard was asked to do a visual termite inspection on a home that had significant termite activity and damage. He recorded it so we can see the process and outcomes. Spoiler alert, there is a lot of repairs required in this home.  https://youtu.be/l_DyH6KqNR0 Transcript Richard Eedy: Okay, […]

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